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If you love the South and all things Southern, we suggest y'all start reading Back Down South.  Hopefully, you already do.  If not, you can thank us later for introducing you to a one-stop shop for good music, good style, beautiful photography, and many other great things about the South.  Back Down South named a drink in our honor recently, and we were pretty excited about it to say the least.  It's not every day someone names a drink after you, so what did we do? Tried it of course!  
We made a trip to our favorite bar in Mississippi (Snackbar in Oxford) and had our favorite bartender, Will Maxcy, pour us our new favorite drink- The Good South.  Our friend, Blake Belcher, documented the entire thing for us.  
Snackbar makes the best drinks in town.  Get yourself to Oxford, MS.
Find the recipe for The Good South on Back Down South here.  (Will altered the recipe slightly to include Cynar and Mint Bitters due to the absence of Branca Menta.)
There she is: The Good South!  We suggest you head over to Back Down South to get the recipe and make one for yourself, or visit Snackbar in Oxford, MS and tell Will we sent you.
Special thanks Blake Belcher, Will Maxcy at Snackbar, and the fine folks at Back Down South!
Take care!