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Meet Claire

We have exciting news this week!  We just welcomed Claire to The Good South as a Graphic Design Intern.  Claire, a native of the great state of Mississippi, is a freshman in the honors college at the University of Mississippi and was accepted to the top ranked Chinese Language Flagship program.  She is a double Chinese and Art major with a Graphic Design emphasis and a Computer Science minor.  She's smart, y'all.  Really smart.
Claire loves Sweet Tarts and bunnies and even has her own bunny, Buddy.  She loves the hospitality of the South and how you can strike up a conversation with anyone, whether it is in an elevator or the checkout line at Wal-Mart.  Claire will be briefly leaving the South to spend the summer studying in Shanghai, China but will continue to work with us remotely.
We're not sure how she makes time for us, but we are thrilled to have Claire on our team.  Welcome, Claire!