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Pop-Up Shop | Behind-the-Scenes

Saturday, we had a pop-up shop at Click Boutique in Hattiesburg, MS.  If you don't know, a pop-up shop is a short-term sales space.  (You may remember our first pop-up shop.)  Adam and Jason at Click were very gracious and allowed us to invade an entire room in their boutique for the day.  Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our pop-up shop:
We first toured Click to see the room for our pop-up.  Ladies, check them out if you're ever in Hattiesburg, MS!
We were inspired by the full wall of shelves and decided it would be the perfect place for a bow tie display.  
After seeing our room, we brainstormed and came up with a plan to transform the room into a space reflective of The Good South.
The fine folks at Home Depot made all the cuts for our displays.
We took them back to the office and assembled and stained them.
We had a sign made!
Did a little advertising
Packed up everything we needed and headed to Click
We arrived at Click to a blank canvas.  Pop-up dream!
We set up shop and were ready to go!
 Andrew, one of the The Good South Scholarship recipients, stopped by!
We got to meet (perhaps) our youngest supporter.  We foresee many bow ties in his future!
Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the pop-up shop.  It was great to see family and friends and meet many wonderful supporters of The Good South and our cause!
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