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Feel Good Friday

It's Feel Good Friday!  Here are some things that made us feel good this week:
We had a great Labor Day weekend and spent some time at the lake.  Can y'all believe this sunset?  We felt like we were in a painting.  No filter needed for this one.  
Invitation Oxford Magazine wrote a very kind article about The Good South in their Football and Fashion Issue this month, and our bow tie made the cover! 
Wright Thompson, senior writer for and ESPN The Magazine, gave us a shout out.  "world's coolest bow tie"  We'll take it!
We were grateful for and overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received about The Chucky Mullins Bow Tie (read more about the bow tie here) and decided to sell the commemorative bow tie in limited quantities.  We're proud to play a small part in honoring Chucky Mullins.
We ordered t-shirts from Comfort Colors for our two new t-shirts and can't wait for y'all to see them!
Take care and have a great weekend!
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