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Feel Good Friday

It's Feel Good Friday!  Here are some things that made us feel good this week:
We celebrated The Good South turning one on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
We introduced two new long sleeve pocket t-shirts and now have three great colors from which to choose! 
We're giving away a bow tie in our Egg Bowl Giveaway, and there's still time to enter!  Head over to our Facebook page to share and comment on our giveaway post for your chance to win before Sunday.
We got our Invitation Oxford magazine cover framed.  We think it's going to look great hanging in our office.  What do you think?
We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.  Thanksgiving food nearly deserves its own blog post.  
It's Black Friday, and we're offering free shipping all day with the promo code "Free Friday"!  
We're thankful for each of you.  Take care and have a great weekend!