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Feel Good Friday

It's Feel Good Friday!  Here are some things that made us feel good this week:
We celebrated Father's Day with a throwback picture of co-owner, Jason's dad wearing a bow tie in 1965.  Bow ties never go out of style.
It's officially summer, and we're bringing out our summer hues.
And buying thread in summer colors for a new product coming out soon.
TGS was spotted in NYC this week.  Thanks, Scott, for sending us this picture!  If you wear The Good South in a fun location, we'd love to see it.  Send us a pic or tag us on social media.
We wrote thank you notes to every customer, which makes us feel good every week.  E-mails are great, but there's something about receiving a handwritten letter that just makes you feel good.  
Take care and have a great weekend!
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